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The protection of digital identity and online privacy has taken on considerable importance in recent years. The online image has become, in fact, our first business card. The first activity that a user performs on the network, either a private person or a company to "get to know better" a person, is to verify the results that the search engine offers by typing its name and surname. Facebook, twitter, linkedIn profiles ecc. have become for the companies like a curriculum vitae.The comments, either negative or positive, create judgments to the reader who, if negative, will hardly change. Inappropriate comments released on social networks, photos of embarrassing moments published even for a few minutes, videos uploaded on youtube, can have serious consequences on the reputation of the subject that may have repercussions in their own private and work sphere.

e-lawyers with its team of specialists, provides customers with solutions for the management of their identity on the network, preparing technical-legal solutions, ranging from the protection of digital identity to the reconstruction of their identity and, in extreme cases, to actions in criminal and civil law.

e-lawyers services:

  • Creation and management of your identity on the web;

  • Preparation of removal requests in case of defamatory content (videos, images, comments, etc.) to the administrator of the website;

  • Preparation of appropriate de-indexing techniques by search engines;

  • Activation of removal procedures foreseen in search engines (google, bing, yahoo etc.);

  • Cancellation of personal data from websites;

  • Administrative proceedings before the Guarantor;

  • Emergency procedures pursuant to art. 700 c.p.c. before the competent Court;

  • Judicial action for the protection of online reputation in the case of defamation via the Internet;

  • Analysis of compensation procedures for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage concerning the violation of personal data.

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