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With the expression computer crimes, we define both the offenses characterized by the means of aggression represented by the use of informatic material (in this category are the crimes of defamation by internet, cyberstalking, cyberbullying, etc.) and criminal conduct physically directed in comparison of the computer system (such as illegal access to an IT or electronic system, damage to information, data and computer programs, etc.).The peculiarity of these crimes, is that they are realized, in almost all cases, online. This makes it more difficult to identify the person guilty of the conduct, as well as the identification, acquisition and analysis of the evidence necessary to ascribe the offense. e-lawyers, thanks to its team of specialists, is able to provide customers with assistance and advice on computer crimes, both in the judicial and extrajudicial phase.

e-lawyers services:

Legal support to assert or defend a right in court, in the course of a proceeding, in the preparatory phase for the establishment of a possible judgment, which in the phase following its definition, for the following categories of computer crimes:

  • Defamation by internet (social networks, blogs, messages, etc.);

  • cyberstalking;

  • Cyberbullying;

  • Penal protection of software;

  • Falsification of IT documents;

  • Computer fraud;

  • False declaration or certification to the electronic signature certifier;

  • Damage to information, data and computer programs;

  • Dissemination of equipment, devices or computer programs aimed at damaging or interrupting an IT or telematic system;

  • Unauthorized access to an IT or telematic system;

  • Illegal possession and dissemination of access codes to IT or telematic systems;

  • Interception, impediment or unlawful interruption of computer or telematic communications;

  • Installation of equipment designed to intercept, prevent or interrupt computer or electronic communications;

  • Falsification, alteration or suppression of the content of computer or telematic communications.

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