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computer forensics, area di attività e-lawyers

Within the processes where the computer forensics activity takes place, the issuing of a judgment of acquittal or guilt, is determined by the combination of investigations carried out with operating technical-computing modality, and traditional research activities carried out by experts of law.

Thanks to the exponential growth of technological devices suitable for all, the tools for carrying out computer forensics activities are different and numerous; clues and sources of evidence are found in many types of storage media: computers, smartphones, tablets, pen drives and other data storage products such as CD ROMs, DVDs, hard drives, microchips, recording systems connected to videos digital cameras, digital cameras etc.

e-lawyers thanks to its team of specialists, is able to provide customers with assistance and advice on how to acquire the

"computer evidence", both in the judicial (in criminal and civil procedure) and extrajudicial.


e-lawyers services:

  • Analysis of the IT environment to identify the correct data extraction technique;

  • Data identification techniques, aimed at selecting useful and profitable information for the subsequent judicial activity;

  • Data acquisition techniques using the correct chain of custody of the digital data;

  • Data analysis techniques for the purpose of viewing, reading, examining and extracting a technical meaning from the acquired IT material;

  • Legal support to assert or defend a right in court, both during the course of a proceeding, and in the preparatory phase for the establishment of a possible judgment, both in the phase following its resolution.

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