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The advent of new technologies and the proliferation of IT tools has led to the creation of specific websites for small and large companies as well as for professionals. The entrepreneur has shifted his protection from the traditional physical brand to the domain name.

Domain names are the names that are used in the Internet world to identify objects on the network and which are assigned to the user for their identification. The domain name has been explicitly included among the distinctive signs of the company and, therefore, the appropriate trademark regulations and the protection provided for by the discipline of unfair competition are applied to them.

e-lawyers thanks to its team of specialists, is able to provide companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as individuals and professionals, advice to protect, buy or sell their domain name.

e-lawyers services:

  • Identification of the domain name most relevant to the website that you want to create;

  • Purchase of the domain name and selection of the TLD (Top level domain) appropriate to your company (.it; .com; .tk; .eu; etc.);

  • Sale of the domain name.

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