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The Data Protection Officer (DPO), as envisaged and governed by EU Regulation no. 2016/679 is a very delicate figure, since it acts as a point of connection between the owner and the person in charge of data processing on the one hand and the Guarantor Authority on the other. He must know the sector regulations thoroughly and must also possess mixed managerial qualities with a good knowledge of new technologies.

As specified by the WP guidelines art. 29, the figure of the data protection officer may be internal or external to the structure of the data controller.e-lawyers thanks to its team of specialists, is able to provide external DPO customers with high professionalism and expertise in the field of privacy and processing of personal data, or support the internal DPO of company.

e-lawyers services:

  • Analysis of the organizational aspects of the company's core business, to advise the designation of an internal or external DPO;

  • Mapping and classification of data processing with a special focus on data that are transferred abroad and potential contractual agreements (binding corporate rules);

  • Planning of a privacy organization chart and support for functional coordination, for privacy purposes, between the different offices of the organizational reality;

  • Drafting of specific data processing policies;

  • Support for compliance with specific obligations regarding Privacy by design and privacy by default;

  • privacy consulting support with particular attention to the use of new technologies (video surveillance, biometrics, Rfid, big data, use of the network for marketing, profiling, corporate e-mail, automatic decision-making systems and use of AI, robotic technologies, cloud computing, IoT, etc.);

  • Impact analysis of the aforementioned new technologies in the field of personal data protection in order to provide specific advice to the data controller for the preparation of a DPIA;

  • Planning of an effective computer security policy;

  • Assistance to the data controller, relations with data subjects in order to provide adequate answers to specific requests for clarifications on the subject or complaints / appeals;

  • Assistance to the data controller in the preparation and management of specific internal and external privacy audits;

  • Monitoring of all data processing activities in order to ensure compliance with the regulations in the specific reference organizational situation;

  • Support for relations with the Guarantor Authority on all issues that may have invested the company or the institution in terms of privacy;


e-lawyers training:

The e-lawyers team, carries out customized company training to ensure constant updating to national and European legislation regarding the protection of personal data

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