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The use of new technologies has also invaded the health sector. The so-called Electronic or e-health makes the performance of the National Health Service more efficient and with higher quality. In particular, the project as a whole envisages the launch of a complex use of information and communication technologies for the creation of a multichannel on-line reservation system (telephone, Web, digital TV); the implementation of the electronic health record (FSE) and of the "electronic medical record" in all hospitals and the implementation of the electronic health history of each patient, in order to make the national health service more modern and efficient.Health on-line (e-health) uses tools based on information and communication technologies to support and promote disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring and

management of health and lifestyle.

e-lawyers, thanks to its team of specialists, is able to provide diagnostic centers, hospitals and private clinics with expertise in E-Health, in full compliance with industry regulations.

e-lawyers services:

  • Analysis of the organizational aspects of the company's core business;

  • Planning of a privacy organizational chart and support for functional coordination, for privacy purposes, between the different offices of the organizational reality;

  • Drafting of specific data processing policies;

  • Analysis of information and consent in the health sector;

  • Preparation of e-health documents;

  • Analysis and design of the video surveillance system (positioning of cameras, methods and duration of recordings, record keeping);

  • Electronic document management (FSE, electronic medical record, health record);

  • Analysis of cloud tools in the healthcare sector for the outsourcing of services;

  • Planning of an effective information security policy;

  • Monitoring of all data processing activities in order to ensure compliance with the regulations in the specific reference organizational situation;

e-lawyers training:

The e-lawyers team creates customized company training to ensure constant updating of employees and top management in the field of e-health.

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