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Privacy, area di attività e-lawyers

Privacy is an English term that could be roughly translated with confidentiality, it is the right to privacy of personal information and of one's private life: the right to be let alone (literally "the right to be let in peace"), according to the formulation of the American jurist Louis Brandeis who was probably the first in the world to formulate a law on privacy. More commonly, privacy means the right of the person to prevent the information concerning him from being treated by others, unless the subject has voluntarily given his consent.

The right to privacy, as a result of the new dimension acquired, is not, in fact, more understood in a purely negative sense, as a right to reject the intrusion of strangers into private life, or to refuse consent to the dissemination of information about one's own account, to renounce participation in social life; 

but in a positive sense, as an affirmation of the freedom and dignity of the person, and as a power to limit computer power, controlling its means and purposes. Personal data represent an invaluable asset that must be protected for a company, both to grow its business, and to avoid incurring sanctions by the Guarantor for the protection of personal data.e-lawyers thanks to its team of specialists, is able to provide companies, small and medium-sized enterprises with privacy and personal data processing, in full compliance with Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 and with the European Privacy Regulations 2016 / 679.

e-lawyers services:

  • Mapping and classification of data processing with a special focus on data that are transferred abroad and potential contractual agreements (binding corporate rules);

  • Planning of a privacy organization chart and support for functional coordination, for privacy purposes, between the different offices of the organizational reality;

  • Drafting of specific data processing policies;

  • Support for compliance with specific obligations regarding Privacy by design and privacy by default;

  • privacy consulting support with particular attention to the use of new technologies (video surveillance, biometrics, Rfid, big data, use of the network for marketing, profiling, corporate e-mail, automatic decision-making systems and use of AI, robotic technologies, cloud computing, IoT, etc.);

  • Impact analysis of the aforementioned new technologies in the field of personal data protection in order to provide specific advice to the data controller for the preparation of a DPIA;

  • Planning of an effective computer security policy;

  • Support for the appointment and training of a Data Protection Officer (if internal), or appointment of a Data Protectio Officer e-lawyers;

  • Assistance to the data controller in the preparation and management of specific internal and external privacy audits;

  • Monitoring of all data processing activities in order to ensure compliance with the regulations in the specific reference organizational situation;

  • Support for relations with the Guarantor Authority on all issues that may have invested the company or the institution in terms of privacy;

  •  Compliance analysis of the company in view of the European Privacy Regulation 2016/679.

e-lawyers training:

The e-lawyers team, carries out customized company training to ensure constant updating to national and European legislation regarding the protection of personal data

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