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The term Web Site Legal Compliance means the compliance of websites with current legislation. The website is meant as a set of web pages and other interconnected files that reside in a terminal connected to the network (host) equipped with a web server. This terminal, called web server by extension due to the function of "servant", another terminal "client" (client) is part of the World Wide Web, the "great worldwide web" that constitutes, together with e-mail, the internet service better known and thanks to which a website can be consulted on the web.

It is advisable to analyze the usefulness of a website in order to comply with the law. It is linked to the function that this internet tool will have to perform:

  • disseminate (publish or advertise) information of a commercial, personal or strictly informative nature, such as sites of newspapers, corporate websites for the promotion of services and products, personal sites with autobiographical content or related to their interests (blogs) etc.

  • collect content, which may be downloaded, in the form of sectoral and non-sectoral databases. Examples are search engines, dictionaries and online encyclopedias, music and film sites, sports sites, etc.

  • introducing people in a virtual community, such as communities, for social purposes, the so-called social networks, games like online gaming sites, or to discuss and debate on a specific topic, such as discussion forums;

  • sell products or services. The most classic example are the e-commerce sites for online sales of products. Other examples are online consultancy, sponsorship through links, online auction sites, etc.

e-lawyers thanks to its team of specialists, is able to provide companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as private individuals and developers of websites, its assistance to create a website in accordance with current legislation and the new European regulation privacy n. 2016/679.​


e-lawyers services:

  • Preliminary analysis of the website aimed at identifying any critical issues and discrepancies contrary to current legislation;

  • Drafting of specific data processing policies;

  • Consultancy for the purchase of domain names;

  • Support for compliance with specific obligations regarding Privacy by design and privacy by default on the website; Drafting of specific cookie policies;

  • Drafting of the Website Use Terms;

  • Drafting of specific IT contracts, after analysis of the website, in full compliance with current legislation;

  • Monitoring of all activities in order to ensure compliance with the regulations on the specific website;

  • Adjustment of the website to the new European Regulation Privacy n. 2016/679

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